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Payroll Deduction Services

LCBO Employees

Payroll deduction is available to all LCBO employees under the following guidelines:

  1. Payroll deduction is available to permanent LCBO employees only. This includes PPT (Permanent Part Time), Managers, Full Time and Casual employees.
  2. Payroll deduction can be started for as little as $25 per pay.
  3. Changes can be made to deduction set up at any time through a simple phone call.
  4. Payroll deduction can be split among a number of different accounts – Platinum Savings, TFSA, RRSPs, Loans, PCA, etc.

Honeywell Employees

Honeywell employees can have a paycheque directed whole or split to the credit union. Set up can be completed over the phone with a signature to the payroll department.

Shell, Allstream and other Employee/Members

All of the other groups – Shell, Allstream, etc. the employee/member can initiate payroll deduction through their individual payroll departments.

Set Up Your Payroll Deduction

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Start Your RRSPs through Payroll Deduction

You can start your RRSP contributions with as little as $10 per pay without a lump sum investment! It is quick, easy and you won't even miss it. Through payroll deduction your funds can be allocated to various accounts under your direction for your savings and investment needs. Payroll deduction is an easy and painless way to transfer a portion of your pay automatically to an RRSP contribution.

Other Options

Member Savings Credit Union can also set up regular transfers to/from other financial institutions. We can set up an automatic transfer that would debit or credit another FI on a regular basis (bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Please contact us for more details.