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Recent News...

New and improved changes that have just been released.

Now available to all members is the launch of the most recent Interac e-Transfer features allowing you to sign up for both AutoDeposit and Request Money.  Members can easily set up the autodeposit feature allowing them to receive funds safely without having to answer a security question. In addition, if someone owes you money, you are now able to send them a money request, a gentle reminder that instantly requests they send the funds. If accepted, the funds are automatically deposited into your account. You will be notified when the funds are available. 

To learn more on how to set up these new features, please click here for step by step instructions. To sign up now, log in to your online banking account with Member Savings Credit Union. Registration is quick and easy!

One of the most recent programs just launched as of August 1st is our new line up Member Savings Collabria® Visa* credit cards. Please click here for more information on our credit cards. 

Now available for all members is the much-anticipated Interac Flash® Member Card® debit card technology. Members now have the option to use their tap card for single purchases up to $100 with a maximum of $200 per day making transactions easier and faster at the check-out.  To order a new Interac Flash® Member Card® debit card, it’s as simple as a quick call or email to one of our member service representatives.

This new feature allows us to provide more effective and efficient options for reaching our members in some of the more rural parts of Ontario.  Members who have forgotten their PIN now have the option of receiving a PIN reminder only, a new card with the same PIN as your previous card, or a new card with a new PIN.   Not interested in tap technology? Not a problem, just contact one of our representatives to have the feature disabled on your card. It’s as simple as that.

Another big change we are happy to announce is the increase in Deposit Insurance Coverage from $100,000 to $250,000 as of January 1st,2018.   This now means more of your money is safe and secure when you deposit your funds into the credit union.  Your deposits are automatically insured up to $250,000 and unlimited for deposits made into a registered plan.

 Click here to learn more.

American Express Travellers Cheques will no longer be available in Canada as of July 31st, 2018. They will only be available for purchase at Member Savings CU until this date.